Being a Medical Doctor in Italy, 2021

A person who is skilled in science of medicine, trained and licensed to that sick and injured person is called a Doctor and being a medical Doctor in Italy, stands you out from the crowd in Italy. The basic medical degree qualifies that person to treat patience and describe appropriate treatment.

Doctors are very important profession and a means through which scientific understanding is expressed. Doctors are recognized and practiced all over the world and Italy is not left out. Here, I want to educate and enlighten you on what it takes to become a Doctor in Italy.

Medical profession is highly respected in Italy, that is the reason being a Medical Doctor in Italy is very challenging and very competitive. People who have the intention of studying this course  in college, learn to focus on the subjects required to study medicine at an early age in order to be able to take an admission exams. And these subjects are pure science courses. Moreover, a high level of knowledge of Science is a prerequisite that will enable you to do well once you get an admission into the medical school.

Italy is one country that welcome their Doctors with open arms. Italy has a wonderful environs and great communities that loves to have Doctors in their midst. Practicing Doctor in Italy will enable you live in great settings and taking advantage of the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

But nothing can be achieved without a process. Here are the requirements needed to make one a Doctor in Italy.

 Italian Requirement For Medical Doctors In Italy

You’re expected to know how to speak Italian if you truly want to practice in Italy especially in rural areas. Being able to speak Italian can be one of the courses you have to pass before you enroll in medical schooll though there’s international medical school in the university of Milan but this can still not enable you to work full-time as a medical Doctor in Italy.

What It Takes To Study Medicine In Italy

If you apply to study Medicine In Italy, then you will need to pass an exam called the national admission test valid for all medical schools in the country and you aught to be good in English language as well. The medical program is meant to last for six years long and you can apply right after high school.

If you’re opportuned to study medicine in Italy, you have a greater opportunity to qualify for work as a Doctor in the country. Once you have completed the six years of study successfully, you will need to pass a national exam and complete six months of clinical placement. These will enroll you to become a registered generalist and then register with Medical professional association, you are now a qualified Medical Doctor and you can start practicing right away.

What You Need As a Generalist(Specialist)

As a generalist, you will need to do a three to six years residency program following on from the national Medical exam. For you to be able to be admitted to the residency program of your choice is based on your test results and overall academic scores. You also need to have a medical license at the end of your studies after registering with the Ordine dei medici upon successful completion of your clinical placement and being able to pass the national state exam for Doctors certification. Though you can practice right away once you are able to pass state exam at the end of Medical school, you still have to do 3-6years of residency before you can work as a specialist.

Moreover, if your degree is from a different country, you will need to prove that you are licensed from that country in order to become a Doctor in Italy and you need to provide a professional good standing certification and be a check or your criminal record. The ministry of health will access your degree and you can be accepted outright or on the condition of castriping act 2/3 aptitude test in an Italian university.

Work Authorization In Italy For Medical Doctors

Italy recognise people that study in their country who are citizen of EU/EEA/Switzerlandard. If you come from any of these countries, you don’t need a work visa to practice as a Doctor in Italy and your medical degree will be recognised in order to obtain a medical license. You only need to register with Ordine dei medici. But if you are with any of these controversial need to apply for a highly skilled visa to work as a Doctor.

Finding A Place To Work In Italy As A Medical Doctor

You can easily secure a work if you’re a citizen of EU/EEA/Switzerland. If you have obtained a medical degree in either of these countries or Italy, your degree will be recognised and you can sell up as a sole trader. Registering with the relevant tax office of the area you will be working with and with the national insurance body.

As a non EU Doctor, it will be challenging and difficult to be able to practice in your own business unless you follow the rules above under getting a work visa.

What It Takes For Foreign Trained Doctors To Practice In Italy

If you obtained your medical degree outside EU, you will need to go through thorough rigorous validation process by the ministry of health and then you will also have to register with Medical association to be able to work as a Doctor in Italy. Furthermore, you will need to also apply for resident permit and a work visa for highly skilled migrants before you can work as a Doctor in Italy.