Key Club Scholarships 2020/2021, Apply Now

Key Club Scholarships are  yearly scholarship program run by key club international. Most students who are not able to fund their fees in high school benefit from these scholarships. It’s attainable mainly for students in USA.

The goal of Kuwanis international is to serve the children of the world and to accomplish this, key club international was formed. This Scholarship program was founded by Redding Kuwanis to sponsor graduating seniors in college. Now, lots of high school kids who are short of funds or less previlleged can go to college. This is a measure to reduce illitracy in the society.

Unfortunately, it’s made available to only students who are involved in effective service to their schools and community. This encourages discipline and selflessness in students. Furthermore, they must be active members of their school’s key Club.

Qualifications for Key Club Scholarships

Despite the key Club Scholarships being open to all students in other to achieve the purpose of raising good, reliable, committed and hard-working students, there are some criteria that must be followed. In adherance to the rules of key club international, candidates applying for key club Scholarships who are active members should

  • Have a history of periodic payment of dues. Also, there should be consistent presence in key club membership reports.
  • Have a record of dedication to volunteer work such as community projects.
  • Be college bound high School seniors.
  • Be top-of-the-class students in their school
  • Possess an official document that shows the number of hours of community service the applicant has accomplished through Key Club.

How to Apply for key club Scholarships

Students who  wish to apply for key club Scholarships are advised to acquire the recipient information form from the various head offices. These forms should be filled and submitted to the scholarship committee chair Anna Langley at or visit the scholarship portal below for more information.