Full Ride Lois Dale Scholarship Award 2021

Are you in high school seniors and you would love to have a financial means to complete your college education without debts then Lois Dale Scholarship is designed to help you out.

Lois Dale Bright scholarship is a need and merit based grant, which was established in 2015, specifically to ensure that a selected number of outstanding Des, Moines, public school (DMPS) high school seniors will be able to complete a two-years or four-years college education without debts.

About Lois Dale Scholarship Award.

Lois Dale Scholarship is  designed to make higher education at lowa universities and community colleges to have the means to get college education without being in debt.

In 2015, The Bright foundation funded five Scholarships to graduates from East high school in Des moines. Nine more were awarded in 2016 and on and on till 2021.

This award is renewable for up to three additional years, as long as the student maintains a 2.50 cumulative GPA and full time enrollment.

The amount of the award is always based as the initial reward formula, yearly but the renewals are not guaranteed.

The award recipients will submit a summary of their year’s college experience to the Bright foundation at the end of each academic year, along with an unofficial copy of their transcript.

Their Board of Directors

Lois and H. Dale Bright with guidance from Daniel Kelly, their financial advisor and Wendy carison waugama, their attorney funded the foundation since 1957. And since then till date, the foundation has been very productive in charities and educational institutions.

The Scholarship is hosted in the United States of America. So, this opportunity is solely for you if you are a student pursuing a college degree in lowa. The Scholarship is a full ride Scholarship for lowa students.

Lois Dale Scholarship Requirements

  • To be eligible, the student must be accepted by one of these state universities (lowa state, lowa, UNI), or  these community colleges (DMACC), Indian Hills, Southwestern lowa), and also
  • A minimum of 2.5 cumulative high school GPA
  • Have significant financial need
  • Be able to articulate a plan for their career/education goals
  • Be an involved community member with strong potential for success in the college setting
  • Applicantshould complete an application form, including activity summary, an essay and letter of recommendation from a teacher

How To Apply For Lois Dale Scholarship

Get your form from the high school counselling office and should be returned back there when you must have completed the form with the following information below

  • Completed application with community involvement summary
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Essay

Application Deadline

All the required applications and information should be submitted before mid-December 2021