Low Cost Private Universities in Bangladesh 2021

Low Cost Private Universities in Bangladesh serves you right in achieving your dream course of study. As a country in South Asia, it’s dailling code is +880, it belongs to the poorest group of countries in the world.


  • Low Cost Private Universities in Bangladesh
  • Tuition Fees and Other Criteria
  • City Universities and its Tuitions
  • World University of Bangladesh and its Tuitions
  • Falculties/Department in WUB
  • Southern University and it’s Tuitions
  • Green University of Bangladesh and it’s Tuitions
  •  Central University of Science and Technology
  • Faculties in CUST
  • Bangladesh University of Business and Technology(BUBT) and its Tuitions
  • European University of Bangladesh(EUB) and its Tuitions
  • Conclusion

During the last 3 decades it’s GDP, their capital income always fall from US $203 in 1975 to US $348 per capital in 1998.
Today I will be sharing with you the information about the best private Universities in Bangladesh at low cost. In Bangladesh today, there are 151 universities.

They have 45 public universities, 103 private Universities and 3 international universities.
The first public University in Bangladesh is the Dhaka University which was established in 1921. Private Universities were established newly as in the 1990s. Private sectors brought the idea of establishing private Universities and since then, the country has witnessed growth in the universities.

Here are Low Cost Private Universities in Bangladesh 

  1. City University (CU)
  2. World University of Bangladesh (WUB)
  3. Southern University
  4. Green University of Bangladesh (GUB)
  5. Central University of Science and Technology (CUST)
  6. Bangladesh University (BU)
  7. Bangladesh University Business and Technology ( BUBT)
  8. European University of Bangladesh ( EUB) 

Here are Their Tuition Fees and Other Criteria

  City University(CU) 

This university program, in all they function as is approved by the  University Grants Commission. The University has a high standards of education, strict diet rule of the university, strict rules of law and strict rules and regulations on student’s neutral elections, faculty and staff. No one interfers in their academic and administrative matters. City University has the reputation as one of the best and top ranking universities in Bangladesh because they hire top-of the class, experienced teachers, researchers as senior faculty, talented graduates as junior faculty and professional experts. They have well established laboratory for students and teachers, a library, IT- transcription centres, amusement high- level cafes, amphibious surroundings in ample auditorium, Beautiful student hostels and many indoor games. There’s avenue for scholarship for meritorious students from Alhaji Magbooi Hussain foundation.

City University Tuitions

Program        Total Cost(BDT)

BBA                          2,82,900

CSE(Day)                 2,70,000

CSE(Evening)          2,19,000   

EEE(Day)                  2,68,900

EEE(Evening)          2,19,900

L.L.B(Hon’s)           1,98,000         

BA in English Hon’s 1,42,500       

Civil Eng.(Day)        3,74,500       

Civil Eng.(Evening)  3,05,500

Pharmacy                 3,98,800

BSTE(Day)                3,27,100

City University is located at Rhagan, Birulia, savar Dhaka. Phone: +880-2-7746862, +8801854-640491, +8801854-640476. Website: www.cityuniversity.edu.bd

World University of Bangladesh(WUB)

This great school was established in 2003 under the private university act 1992. It was created in the light of building world-class higher education centers, Specially approved and recognized by the ministry of education, government of Bangladesh and the UGC of Bangladesh.

This university is a modern, dynamic and innovative institution for graduate and post-graduation students. WUB is a leading university for utilitarian education with a high quality dedication and experienced teachers. The University is located in the heart of Dhaka City.

WUB Facilities, Departments and their Expenses in these 3 Faculties

Faculty of Business Studies

Program.         Total Cost(BDT)

Bachelor of Business                      Administration (BBA)      4,56,700 

Bachelor in T Nursing       4,28,300 

Hospitality Management(BHTM)

MBA(Regular) 2-years      2,83,500

MBA(Executive) 1-year    2,05,300

Faculty of Science and Engineering(Open to Diploma Engineers)

B.SC in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)           5,05,200

B.SC in Computing & Information Science (CIS)                  5,05,200

B.SC in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)                5,35,250

B.SC in Civil Engineering                    (CE)                                       5,60,250

B.SC in Textile Engineering               (TE)                                       3,42,650 Bachelor of Arts texture     6,21,520

Bachelor of Pharmacy.       6,01,250

Faculty of Art and Humanities Department of Law

Program.        Total Cost (BDT)

Bachelor of Law(LLB) 4-years.                                                             4,22,500 

Bachelor of Law (LLB) 2years                                                                2,50,500  

 Master’s of Laws(LLM)     1,24,800    2-years.                                 

  Department of English.         

Program     Total Cost (BDT)

B.A in English 4-years     3,41,150

M.A in English 2-years    1,64,100   

M.A in English 1-Year      1,07,100

The campus is located at plot -5-8, avenue 6 & lake Drive Road, sector 17/H, littara, Dhaka-1230 Bangladesh-01955384008.    Website:https://www.wub.edu.bd 

 Southern University

This school has the highest academic institution under the guidelines of UGC Bangladesh. Southern University is located at a region with it’s lash green beauty that stands as a historical place in Bangladesh at the South eastern part of Bangladesh called  Chiffago.The Campus charges in their Currency called BDT.       

Program        Total Cost   

Bachelor of Business                        Administration (BBA)    2,75,058

Hotel & Tourism Management                                                           2,25,030

B.SC in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE)           3,05,046   

B.SC in Electrical & Communication Engineering (ECE)          2,43,530

Bachelor of Pharmacy  3,60,126

B.SC in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)Dip.   2,70,084

B.A in English                  2,00,088

LLB(4-Years)                   2,75,028

LLB(2-Years)                   50,040

MBA                                  62,010     

MA in English                  50,010     

MA. Pharmacy                 85,032   

Website: https://www.southern.edu.bd

Green University of Bangladesh

This great university was established in 2003 under the private university act 1992, created towards building a world- class institution. The school can’t make the mistake of not training a high quality dedicated and experienced  teachers with global exposures. They are dedicated on transformational impact  on learning systems and develop human resources.

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) recently received an award for quality education 150 90 01/2008 certificate. They achieved this by internationally recognised commissioned certification body Omon. Registrar INC, the USA covering the world.

GUB offers various Scholarships based on the GPA of HSC & SSL result.                                                   

Program   Total Cost(BDT)       

B.SC in EEE                  4,24,560   

B.SC in CSE                   4,24,560     

B.SC in Textile               4,16,475     

BBA                                 3,94,650   

LLB (Hon’s)                      2,50,575 

BSS Hon’s in journalism & media communication              2,92,440

BA (Hon’s) in English        2,53,440

BSS(Hon’s in Sociology)  1,89,220

Visit for more details: www.green.edu.bd  

Central University of Science and Technology (CUST)

CUST was approved on the historic day of 2Ist February, 2016 under the private university act(PAA) of the government 2010. compliance with the University of honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina. 

Their vision is to develop a partnership and accountable atmosphere, attract all stakeholders and benefitiaries  who will promote the spread of knowledge through access to mutually beneficial education.

Program  Total Cost(BDT)

BBA.                             308,600     

CSE(Regular)            391,000    

CSE(for Diploma Holders) 266,000

MBA(2-years)                    173,000

MBA(1-year)                      98,000

For more enquiries visit: www.cust.edu.bd

Bangladesh University (BU)           

This great campus was established in 2001, under the private university act 1992 as a non profit and non political private university pioneering in the computer-based academic curriculum. BU is approved by the government of Bangladesh for subsidization degrees in various deciplines. This school started it’s academic term with 17 students in o. 02 acres of space in 2001 but today, Bangladesh University accommodates over 6500 students in four campuses.

Program   Total Cost(BDT)

Dept of Accounting      3,88,000   

Dept of Finance            3,88,000  

Dept of General Management                                                           3,88,000

Dept of Marketing         3,88,000   

Dept of Management Information System                            3,88,000

Dept of International Business                                                         3,88,000

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science      

CSE Dept                     4,59,500

CSIT Dept                   4,79,500     

EEE Dept                    4,05,300 

     Falculty of Arts

Dept of English           1,88,000    

Dept of Economics    1,89,000

Dept of Law                 3,15,000   

Dept of Sociology       1,08,200 

  Faculty of Science

Dept of Architecture    5,17,300 

Dept of Environmental  Science                                                      4,88,800

Dept of Pharmacy        5,98,500   

Dept of Medical Lab. Technology                                                 4,89,500

Dept of Mathematics   2,88,800   

For more enquiry visit: https://www.bu.edu.bd

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT).             

This campus was established by Dhaka commerce  college in 2003 under the private university Act. It is constructed in North American Universities and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the ministry of education, government of Bangladesh. BUBT provides a standard level of education.

Program   Total Cost(BDT)

LLM(1-year             62,100           

MBA                         2,03,700           

MA in English         67,020     

  MBM                      1,73,550            


European University of Bangladesh.                         (EUB).                           

This great university is a fast improving private university trying to provide European standard of learning in Bangladesh. It was established under the private university Act 2010 and the government of Bangladesh approved it on 14th March, 2014. It has been approved by University Grants Commission (UGC).

The school has a number of 21000 students and faculty members of 400.

Program  Total Cost(BDT) 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)                         2,58,400   

Hotel & Tourism  Management                                                            1,57,500

B.SC in Computer Science 2,44,480

B.SC in Electrical & Electronics Engineering                         2,44,742 

 B.SC in Civil Engineering 2,47,500  B.SC in Computer Science and Engineering                        2,12,100 

BA in English                    1,40,040

LLB(4-years)                     1,66,400   

LLB(2-years)                     64,960   

MBA                                   70,200   

MA in English                  67,176

More enquiries visit www.eub.edu.bd

In conclusion, this were some of the best private universities in Bangladesh. There are still many private universities in Bangladesh you can as well search for. We just listed the best of the best among them with low cost.