The Cost of Masters in Italy, 2021 Guide

Having the opportunity or dreaming to have your post-graduate studies in Italy is a great experience that will add good volume In your education and career life as you examine the cost of masters in Italy. You  will enjoy the opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe during your degree.

You will be opportuned to benefit from both the historic universities and  their modern research.

Here are What it Takes or the Cost of Masters in Italy.

A master’s degree in Italy means studying in one of the most prestigious traditions of higher education in the world. It’s in Italy that you will see universities that have existed for centuries.

Key Details for Masters Study in Italy

Universities –         96

Oldest university – University bologna(1088)

International students – 106, 611

Course length – 2years

Typical fees (domestic/EU) – €1,520

Academic year – September to July

Just like in other countries, there are several education institutions in Italy where you can obtain your masters degree. There are six kinds of places where you can obtain your masters in Italy, here they are:

  • State Universities: there are 67 state universities that hosts huge number of people around 100,000 students. They are all autonomous and decides their own priorities and administration.
  • University for foreigners (universita per stranien): these Universities are very good at equipping foreign students of Italian language and culture. They also administer the student with the twork Italian language tests (CILT and CELI). There are two of these Universities (the oldest in perugia, founded in 1921 and the other in Siena).
  • Technical Universities: these Universities almost play the same role with state universities just that they focus exclusively in two fields: Engineering and Architecture.
  • Private Universities: there are 29 private Universities in Italy. They offer the same standard of education and qualifications as that of the public Universities. The only difference is how they are funded. Private University may charge  fees of at least €12000 per year and you may also have to pay for application fee of about €100 and additional fee if you’re taking the national entrance examination.

In addition, if you opt for  private University, make sure it’s acredited by Italian ministry of education.

  • Higher Schools: These are superior institutions that have a unique legal status that allows them to specialize solely on post-graduate university studies.
  • Finally, the online/ distance universities: These universities deliver state acredited courses by e-learning.

More Detailed Guide to Italian Post-graduate Rankings

Top 5 Italian universities in 2021

Universities of bologna-   167

Saint Anna School of advance studies-pisa                               –        170

Scuola normals Superior di pisa-181

Sapienza university of Rome- 201-250

University of Padua – 251 -300

Italian University Cities

-Study in Rome

-study in Milan

-study in Turin

– study in bologna

– study in Florence

– study in Padua

Course Types

The Italian Education system benefits from very strong engagement  with European institutions and partners, which means that Italian universities have numerous exchange and double degree agreements with other universities in Europe. When you grab masters in Italy, it can open doors to other quality in European institutions

Masters degree in Italy takes two years and is awarded after obtaining 120 ECTS, made up of ECTS for core courses, electrics, seminars and dissertation(which represents 30 ECTS by itself).

Masters degree are split into four semesters with a summer holiday between year one and year two.

The majority of the masters is based on lecturers, tutorial, group work and course work. Then, if you are in science or engineering department, you will have practical sessions.

Academic Calendar

Generally, a semester system is followed by universities; one starts in September, October and ends in January/February. Then the second semester starts in February and ends in July.

Application for Masters in Italy

You may also be expected to sit for entrance exam in order to gain admission into university in Italy. If you intend to apply for Masters degree in economics, finance, management and business studies you are likely to be asked for G-MAT or G.R.E. The, if masters in Italian, you are expected to be good in the command of the language and universities will probably ask for proficiency certificate.

Application Program

You are expected to start your research for studying masters Italy at least 12 months before your proposed time.

  • All transcripts and diplomas (and transactions, if applicable)
  • Two to three references
  • A personal statement that indicates why you are the best candidate for the program and what your career aspirations are.
  • A health insurance certificate, if you are from outside the EU

Additionally, you expected to drop the evidence of previous qualifications (diploma or transcripts) and will need to be submitted with Italian translation. Although some University accept documents in English and French.

Masters degree are considered as an asset by many employers not just in Italy but the world over.